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Tech Call is a leading managed service provider (MSP) based in Greater Vancouver, BC, serving businesses throughout the region. With a team of highly skilled IT professionals, we are dedicated to providing top-notch IT support and services tailored to meet the unique needs of SMBs.

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At Tech Call, we are proud of the positive feedback we receive from our clients. We strive to deliver exceptional IT support and services that exceed expectations and help businesses thrive in today’s technology-driven world.

Tech Call's IT consulting services have been instrumental in our company's growth. They provided valuable insights and recommendations that helped us optimize our IT infrastructure and align it with our business goals. Their expertise and dedication have made them an integral part of our team. We highly recommend their services.
Denise Gibson
Tech Call has transformed our IT infrastructure with their cloud services. The migration was seamless, and they provided ongoing support to ensure a smooth transition. The scalability and flexibility of the cloud have greatly improved our productivity and collaboration. We highly recommend Tech Call to any business looking to embrace the power of the cloud.
Lisa Kennedy